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Created on 2016-07-04 15:13:13 (#2529113), last updated 2016-07-29 (59 weeks ago)

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Name:Mage 4 Mage
Posting Access:All Members

• het is banned
• wank unrelated to fandom is banned
• death threats and death wishes are banned
• racism, misogyny, anti semitism, transphobia, homophobia, etcetera are all banned

• all posts with common triggering content will require a trigger warning with the specific reason why you're adding the trigger warning (this means, don't just post 'tw'). if you're trigger warning for slurs, please indicate what kind of slur
• bigoted content, spam and posts without the required tw's will be deleted

• negativity about characters or specific series is allowed, but keep negativity and positivity seperate to avoid wank. repeatedly attempting to bypass frozen posts by restarting them will be counted as spam.

• rules are open for change and suggestions so check this place more than once
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